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Damian Lewis: Mission Creep Digital Album

Damian Lewis

A digital copy of Mission Creep will be delivered via email upon purchase.

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It’s just what the world needs,” says Damian Lewis, “Another record by an actor.”
That’s a very Lewis remark: pre-emptive, self-deprecating, self-knowing. After years of strumming away at his guitar and playing the odd wrap party as part of a scratch band, the garlanded actor has stepped out of his comfort zone and made his first album. And here’s the thing: it’s the real deal. Far from being the sort of misguided and ill-advised vanity project you might expect from thespians and the like, Mission Creep is a collection of rootsy, rock and jazz-tinged songs that evinces a deep love of music, and a deep need to communicate.


1. Down On The Bowery
2. Soho Tango
3. Hole In My Roof
4. Harvest Moon
5. My Little One
6. She Comes
7. After Midnight
8. Zaragoza
9. Never Judge A Man By His Umbrella
10. Wanna Grow Old In Paris
11. Makin’ Plans
12. Why
13. Such A Night