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Andrew Cyrille Quartet: The News CD

Andrew Cyrille

The new album from the quartet led by one of jazz’s innovators, drummer Andrew Cyrille, carries the story forward from the 2016 release The Declaration of Musical Independence, a recording which Down Beat hailed as “an unabashed exploration into time, pulse space and atmosphere…ambitious yet simple, rich yet stripped-down, challenging yet infinitely satisfying.”
Cyrille's ”watchful, flowing pulse” (The New York Times) is meeting wonderfully with Bill Frisell, Ben Street and David Virelles.


1. Mountain (Bill Frisell)
2. Leaving East Of Java (Adegoke Steve Colson)
3. Go Happy Lucky (Bill Frisell)
4. The News (Andrew Cyrille)
5. Incienso (David Virelles)
6. Baby (Bill Frisell)
7. Dance Of The Nuances (Andrew Cyrille, David Virelles)
8. With You In Mind (Andrew Cyrille)