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Sinikka Langeland: Wolf Rune CD

Sinikka Langeland

Wolf Rune, Casts a New Light on the Highly Personal Idiom of Sinikka Langeland, Kantele Player and Folk Singer From Finnskogen, Norway. Sinikka Integrates Her Own Songs Among Folk Hymns, Shamanistic Rune Songs, Traditional Dance Pieces, Poetic Sources, & Expands the Expressive Range of Her Instruments. Few Artists Embody the Spirit of Place as Comprehensively as Langeland. Wolf Rune, Recorded in December 2019 in Oslo's Rainbow Studio, Is an Absorbing Addition to Sinikka's Ecm Discography.

1 Moose Rune
2 Polsdance From Finnskogen
3 Row My Ocean
4 Kantele Prayer I
5 the Eye of the Blue Whale
6 When I Was the Forest
7 Kantele Prayer Ii
8 Winter Rune
9 Don't Come to Me With the Entire Truth
10 the Girl in the Headlands
11 I See Your Light
12 Wolf Rune