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Julius Rodriguez: Evergreen LP

Julius Rodriguez

On Julius Rodriguez's sophomore album, he returns with exciting new original material and an incredible cover of Dijon’s “Many Times”. Guest features on the album include Keyon Harrold, Nate Mercereau, and Georgia Anne Muldrow. “This album for me embodies the meaning of Evergreen. With the differing worlds that are presented by each track, I still aim to be fully honestly myself in my expression--maintaining my voice in any variation of musical climate. With this, I hope to carry on the importance of prioritizing the music itself, rather than letting a genre or label create a preconceived connotation of the music. The genre is me.”


Side A
1. Mission Statement
2. Funmi’s Groove
3. Around The World
4. Road Rage (feat. Jay Adlher)
5. Many Times

Side B
1. Rise and Shine
2. Run To It (The CP Song)
3. Love Everlasting (feat. Keyon Harrold)
4. Stars Talk (feat. Nate Mercereau)
5. Champion’s Call (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)