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Rhys Lewis: Corner of the Sky LP

Rhys Lewis

To Rhys, Corner Of The Sky is about wanting to make the most of the experiences we have, connecting with one another through something more than social media, but in the present moment - in the here and now. It's a devoted love-letter to the art of eloping, an uplifting offer to be "lost in a moment," a remedy for the increasingly suffocating day-to-day fear. As the song "Alone" says, "it's never too late to lean into new experiences - this album is your invitation to them.


1. Alone
2. Love in the Modern Age
3. Midnight
4. Symmetrical
5. Simple
6. The Middle
7. To Be Alive
8. Yesterday's Rain
9. Happy Fucking Birthday
10. Centre of the Universe
11. 21st Century Life
12. Corner of the Sky