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Archie Shepp: Attica Blues LP

Archie Shepp

This Impulse! classic is one of the saxophonist’s most lasting and enduring works. With its powerful avant-garde tracks and strong political messages, the album is one of Shepp's most successful large-group projects. Rolling Stone wrote that it is "not just a masterpiece of protest: it is more a political/religious experience, an appeal to higher human consciousness to, for God's sake, help us out of this torment."


Side A
1. Attica Blues
2. Invocation: Attica Blues
3. Steam, Part 1
4. Invocation To Mr. Parker
5. Steam, Part 2

Side B
1. Blues For Brother George Jackson
2. Invocation: Ballad For A Child
3. Ballad For A Child
4. Good Bye Sweet Pops
5. Quiet Dawn