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Benjamin Gustafsson: The Nature Within LP

Benjamin Gustafsson

Introspective and philosophical – he struggled with his mental health for many years, finding solace in music. He developed his artistic voice in isolation. A meticulous and highly critical self-producer. Ben’s new album The Nature Within – his major label debut – is the culmination of a lifelong journey to understand the inner forces that have shaped his life, and the lives of those around him.

This project required Ben to step out of his comfort zone. To build a community of collaborators – centered on Tambourine Studios in the city of Malmö, Sweden – where he now holds a residency.

The Nature Within navigates the often turbulent, often beautiful, inner world of thought, ideas, and emotions.


Side A
1. Home Again
2. Nature
3. Wake Me Up
4. Process
5. Moments Flow Upwards

Side B
1. Teddington
2. Which Will
3. Perzina
4. Waiting for the Sun
5. Sleeping?
6. Alone Again