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John Coltrane: A Love Supreme Mastercut Edition

The most famous and successful studio album of jazz saxophonist John Coltrane is still considered his masterpiece. Recorded in December 1964 at Van Gelder Studios in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, this record has been selected from the Universal Music archives for the Archival Tape Edition.

This edition is exclusively manufactured on purely analog principles: each record is cut from the original analog source master, one by one, without any digital interference, compression or compromise onto finest lacquer blanks from Japan. Never before have such MASTERCUTS of this highest quality have been in the hands of music lovers. The MASTERCUT is protected by an all-analog custom produced packaging, especially developed and assembled by hand in the SUPERSENSE printshop in Vienna.

In addition to the high-quality sound carrier, this edition contains valuable, partly historical accompanying documents such as:

  • A Love Supreme, a Minolta EP 410Z analog photocopy of the original notes by John Coltrane
  • One Instant Polaroid photograph of John Coltrane after an original photo by Bob Thiele
  • A Minolta EP 410Z analog photocopy with blue toner featuring the Supersense Livingroom Studio
  • Polaroid Photograph of microscopic view of the real groove "pursuance".
  • A "How To Caress your MASTERCUT” step by step tutorial
  • "Project Mastercut. An introduction to editions" by Florian "Doc" Kaps
  • A screen print of the original Archival Tape
  • Cutting Engineer Notes of the Supersense Studio

The total circulation of this MASTERCUT release is strictly limited to a maximum total of 999 records.

The US version will consist of numbers 1-500 of the production. Some additional characteristics that can only be found on the US version are as follows:

  • Spine Imprint exclusively in blue tone ink
  • Blue Tone package screen print
  • Blue tone booklet band with Impulse logo

IMPORTANT NOTE: as each MASTERCUT is handmade, they will ship as they become available. Given the time and care needed, we expect to deliver 100 units per month starting in late November 2021 and running through March of 2022. Orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Free shipping is included on all orders within the continental US.

Side A:

  1. A Love Supreme, Pt. I – Acknowledgement (07:48)
  2. A Love Supreme, Pt. II – Resolution (07:22)

Side B:

  1. A Love Supreme, Pt. III – Pursuance (10:45)
  2. A Love Supreme, Pt. IV – Psalm (07:05)