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John Scofield: A Go Go LP (Verve By Request Series)

John Scofield

Guitar legend John Scofield fuses with trip-hop jazz trio Medeski, Martin & Wood on this influential and much-loved album, originally released on New Year’s Day in 1998. The quartet gets funky on “Chank” and the organ-drenched “Hottentot” and nods to Scofield’s fusion roots on album highlight “Jeep on 35.” The Verve By Request Series features 180-gram vinyl, pressed at Third Man in Detroit.


Side A
1. A Go Go
2. Chank
3. Boozer
4. Southern Pacific
5. Jeep On 35

Side B
6. Kubrick
7. Green Tea
8. Hottentrot
9. Chicken Dog
10. Deadzy