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Jordan Rakei: The Loop Color 2LP

Jordan Rakei

The Loop is Jordan’s fifth album – and his most personal album to date. Along with his typically bold production style are spectacular orchestral arrangements and haunting choirs, hypnotic beats and an Odyssean-style narrative that charts a course through times of darkness and hope. The Loop explores important themes including the cycle of life, being true to yourself, the inner child, connecting with nature, falling in love and reflection.


Side A
1. Flowers
2. Freedom
3. Friend or Foe

Side B
1. Forgive
2. Royal
3. Trust
4. State of Mind

Side C
1. Hopes and Dreams
2. Learning
3. Cages

Side D
1. Everything Everything
2. Miracle
3. A Little Life

Please note that each vinyl is unique and the colors may appear slightly different from the image displayed.