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Seth MacFarlane: Blue Skies CD

Seth MacFarlane

Arranged and conducted by award-winning composer, Andrew Cottee, Seth MacFarlane's Blue Skies features classics such as "No Moon At All", "On Green Dolphin Street" and "I Didn't Know About You" orchestrated with a big band jazz ensemble.

“I have long been a fan of Andrew Cottee’s supremely artful and buoyant orchestrations, so after our last collaboration, “Once in A While,” a record featuring melancholy ballads as its central theme, I really wanted to hear what he could do with an up-tempo album. As always, Andrew did not disappoint. His arrangements of these 14 songs carefully selected by the two of us are yet another shining example of the expertise with which he handles both melodic interpretations and orchestral dynamics. I can probably count on one hand the composers today who are still able to truly inhabit this particular genre of music, with its demand for nuance and sophisticated writing that oftentimes goes unregistered by the general public. Andrew understands the endless potential and breadth of sound made possible by a large ensemble of world-class players, and unlike so many arrangers of modern big band jazz, he never leans on old tropes or musical comfort zones. His charts are constantly surprising and present, sounding their fanfares while always selflessly supporting the vocal. I hope you dig his writing as much as I do.” – Seth MacFarlane


1. It’s You Or No One
2. No Moon At All
3. You’ll Get Yours
4. A Hundred Years From Today
5. If I Were A Bell
6. Out Of Nowhere
7. On Green Dolphin Street
8. That Old Feeling
9. Blue Skies
10. It Could Happen To You
11. I Didn’t Know About You
12. You Turned The Tables On Me
13. Never In A Million Years
14. Unless I Do It All With You