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Shabaka: Afrikan Culture (Opaque Maroon) LP

Shabaka Hutchings' debut release under his own name, Afrikan Culture, was released on Impulse! Records in May 2022. Known for his globally-acclaimed, groundbreaking groups (Sons of Kemet, The Comet Is Coming, Shabaka & The Ancestors), this release finds Shabaka at a quieter, more meditative space than the pulsing, driving material found in his other groups. The 8-track release primarily finds Shabaka on various wind instruments with other complimentary instrumentation sprinkled throughout. It is a beautifully contemplative record that is the perfect soundtrack for anyone looking to enter a reflective headspace. This former RSD Black Friday release is pressed on opaque maroon vinyl.


Side A
1. Black meditation
2. Call it a European paradox
3. Ital is vital
4. Memories don’t live like people do

Side B
1. Ritual awakening
2. Explore inner space
3. The dimension of subtle awareness
4. Rebirth

Please note that each vinyl is unique and the colors may appear slightly different from the image displayed.