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Tori Amos: Gold Dust CD

Tori Amos

On Gold Dust, Tori Amos re-imagines some of her most beloved songs, all newly arranged for piano and orchestra and recorded with the Metropole Orkest and Jules Buckley.

 Spanning the whole Amos songbook from early classics like 'Winter', 'Silent All These Years' and 'Precious Things' to the recent 'Flavor' and 'Star of Wonder', Gold Dust is a celebration of Amos’ unique art of storytelling.


1. Flavor
2. Yes, Anastasia
3. Jackie's Strength
4. Cloud On My Tongue
5. Precious Things
6. Gold Dust
7. Star Of Wonder Winter
8. Flying Dutchman
9. Programmable Soda
10. Snow Cherries From France
11. Marianne
12. Silent All These Years
13. Girl Disappearing