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Impulse 60! Collector’s Zine

Celebrating the past, present, and future of Impulse! Records. Made in collaboration with Love Injection, this limited-print zine features:
  • Essays by Ashley Kahn, Barbie Bertisch, John Morrison, Michael E. Veal, and Anton Spice and illustrations by David Huang
  • Previously unpublished Q&A with Alice Coltrane and Roy Haynes by Liz Warner
  • Q&A with Maureen Sickler of Rudy Van Gelder Studio by Barbie Bertisch
  • Conversations with independent record store owners from across the US
  • Guides to must-listen recordings from the Impulse! catalog from Brandee Younger, Shabaka and the Ancestors, Sons of Kemet, The Comet is Coming, Ted Poor, Ashley Kahn, Angel Bat Dawid, Ron Gallo, Jeff 'Chairman' Mao, Hassan Rahim, Nabil Ayers, Jaimie branch, Cesar Toribio, Monk One, Isaiah Collier, Alan Braufman, and Oskar Mann

8.5 x 11” high quality black and white printing with full-color front/back covers
43 pages
Limited run of 1,500 copies