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John Scofield: Uncle John's Band 2LP

John Scofield

Named for the Grateful Dead song that concludes this inspired double album, Uncle John’s Band features masterful guitarist John Scofield at his most freewheeling. Wide ranging repertoire finds his trio with Vicente Archer and Bill Stewart tackling material from Bob Dylan to Neil Young, from Leonard Bernstein to Miles Davis. The red thread through the program is the trio’s tremendous improvisational verve. “I feel like we can go anywhere,” says John Scofield of the group’s multi-directional versatility.


Side A
1. Mr. Tambourine Man
2. How Deep
3. TV Band

Side B
1. Back In Time
2. Budo
3. Nothing Is Forever
4. Old Man

Side C
1. The Girlfriend Cord
2. Stairway To The Stars
3. Mo Green

Side D
1. Mask
2. Somewhere
3. Ray's Idea
4. Uncle John's Band