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Ahmad Jamal: The Awakening LP (Verve By Request Series)

Ahmad Jamal

By 1970, pianist Ahmad Jamal's style had changed a bit since the 1950s, becoming denser and more adventurous while still retaining his musical identity and signature elegance. Jamal’s trio - bassist Jamil Nasser (whose double-timing lines are sometimes furious) and drummer Frank Gant, deliver intriguing performances, showing that Jamal was continuing to evolve. This Verve By Request Series features a remastered transfer on 180-gram vinyl, pressed at Third Man in Detroit.


Side A
1. The Awakening 
2. I Love Music 
3. Patterns 

Side B 
4. Dolphin Dance
5. You're My Everything 
6. Stolen Moments 
7. Wave 

Limited to 4 per customer.