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Shabaka: Perceive its Beauty, Acknowledge its Grace Digital

A digital copy of Perceive its Beauty, Acknowledge its Grace will be delivered via email upon purchase. 

Digital downloads are delivered as MP3 44.1KHZ/24-BIT Audio Files.

Please note: Digital downloads are not available to customers outside the U.S.

After putting down the saxophone, the instrument he has become synonymous with, Shabaka returns with his first full length album under his own name.

Expanding off the meditative 2022 EP Afrikan Culture, his new album Perceive its Beauty, Acknowledge its Grace is a deeply moving suite of primarily instrumental music.

1. End of Innocence
2. As the Planets and the Stars Collapse
3. Insecurities
4. Managing my Breath, What Fear Had Become
5. The Wounded Need to be Replenished
6. Body to Inhabit
7. I’ll Do Whatever You Want
8. Living
9. Breathing
10. Kiss Me Before I Forget
11. Song of the Motherland